How to Set Up Labels in

Labels are set to organize the incoming messages. Also, messages are stored in an easy to find folder by label. Labels are similar as the folders used to store the digital information on the hard drive. Windows and Mac both use the folder concept. Label helps you store and find the incoming emails. An individual message can be moved to its own label or the system moves the message to the specified label. Now the question is how? Let’s have look on it.

medium_labelsEmails are categorized as project, client, or other mailing client by label. This helps you if you are running a business and using daily. For personal use, label is used to organize emails from family and friends. As one gets familiar with label, they discover that it is of great use for them. One the most powerful feature of Gmail is that an email is not deleted completely. In “All mails” label, there are all emails. They can be searched like we do searching on Google.

A gear like icon is there on the top right corner of Gmail inbox to access the label function. Click it left and a menu bar will open up. A list of text links on the top appears: General, Accounts, Filter, etc. It includes the option of Label. Click it.

There are built in standard equipped labels that appear. The “standard Labels” are: Inbox, Starred, Chats, Sent Mail, Drafts, All Mails, Spam and Trash. They are located on the left side of the page in a column. You can show or hide on the main page by the option of show or hide the each Label individually. They cannot be deleted or changed any way. They are now a part of the Gmail system.

In standard labels, you will see the word “Labels” and a text box “Create a New Label.” If no labels are created yet, there will not be any label under this list. And when you create the new label, now you are able to hide or show them as well. They will be ordered in alphabetical manner. If you delete a label, the message stored in the label will not be deleted. You can find the message by searching the whole database.

Learn How Gmail Fax Can Help You

Now, you do not have to use fax machines, because Gmail fax is providing a better and fast way of communication by using your Gmail account. It is such a low cost start up that can be used by all types of businesses and professionals.

An email fax service is needed to start up with Gmail faxing. A virtual fax number is given to you by that email fax service which is attached to your Gmail account. This makes all incoming faxes to be in your inbox. Although, such services operate with other types of email providers, Gmail is the legal and best alternative of this, as Google not only has good categories and searching features, but also gives you the access to fax and retrieves directly from the internet.

unnamedWhen creating an account with a service, you will be given a fax number. It is free of charges and is considered as the part of service. This number is digital, it does not need any setup or installation, it is ready to use. There are local and toll-free numbers. It is your choice which one you want to choose. Choosing number is done at the time of sign up. It depends on the availability of the number of your choice in your area.

There are new features in Gmail fax that a machine could not integrate. For example, there is a feature scheduling, by which you can later on schedule the faxes in a single process. This proves to be helpful when you are away from your computer and you have to send a fax.

There is another feature which is an ability of “broadcasting.” Broadcast means that you can send fax to multi receivers instead of sending one by one to each receiver. All you need is to select all wanted numbers on CC of your email fax and all selected people will get your fax.

One of the best features of Gmail fax is that it can be easily integrated with your phone. By this, you are just one go away from the fax facilities. Instant notifications are received on incoming faxes. You can sign a fax electronically and you can create a new fax by just taking the photo of paper or document with the help of your phone.

The future of communication is in your hands by Gmail faxing. This is a 100% secure and reliable technology.